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Simple, easy to follow and understand and presented in a no-nonsense way that brings you along without confusion. I love the way you present all the aspects of this mini course so far. Very well done.


I'd like to say that you seem to be very genuine and direct. You seem to have a no BS approach and I really appreciate that. Sugar coating only misleads people. I noticed how you thoroughly answer people who write comments in your youtube video, and so I thought, "Wow this guy will ACTUALLY answer me"

Max R.

Great job Aleks. You have a knack for making the complicated...simple. You are the master of the K.I.S.S. PRINCIPLE. Keep it up.

Ashley S.

Just want to mention how incredibly informative your videos are. This is what makes you different from the others. I've learned SO MUCH from them.


Great content. I just wanted to reach out and thank you for this course. I really needed something like this to get started.


Great job on providing lessons and different tutorials regarding Affiliate Marketing and other topics. I have been searching for the structured, clearly explained and logical information for many weeks. You sound legitimate and professional. Obviously you focus on the process and you are willing to generously share what you know. Also I see that you are knowledgeable to give valuable information and without any doubts you are constantly improving by learning new approaches and implementing them.

Russ K.

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